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Finally, a heating and cooling solution for Big Rigs! Never idle your truck again as you sleep, this self contained unit runs off its own generator!

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Auxiliary power units (APUs) are portable, truck-mounted systems that can provide climate control and power for trucks without idling. These units are fully integrated into the truck's heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system.

Is Cooling & Heating your Big Rig Cutting into your Profits?

Every year trucks in the U.S. burn more than 800 million gallons of diesel fuel—without even moving. Diamon Power Truck Climate Systems save fuel and money with the completely self contained "engine off" Generator Systems and the Auxiliary Power Unit Systems.

With a APU Power Systems APU, you can turn off your engine, turn on the comfort, and turn down your operating costs. Externally mounted on the side-rail, the APU Power APU is protected in its own weatherproof compartment and runs off the truck's fuel supply. The diesel powered APU saves fuel, runs quieter than the truck engine, reduces emissions, and provides reliable, all-night comfort for the driver.

The Generator System runs an ultra compact generator that provides central air & heat as well as 110 volt electricity for appliances while charging your trucks batteries. The central air/heat unit will also run off "shore power".

Using these systems will allow the driver to have Air Conditioning, Heat, and 110 Volt Electricity available in the truck sleeper at a very affordable price, without idling the trucks main engine. Not idling the trucks main engine will result in typical savings that will pay for the APU Power Climate System in one year. It will also increase the trucks value at trade-in.

More and more truckers are finding out that they can't do without their APU Power Truck Climate System and it has become the System of Choice for hundreds of professional truck drivers throughout the United States and Canada.

Complete sales service and installation of truck climate control auxiliary power systems is available. Family owned and operated since 1984, at Autohaus we are proud to provide our customers with top-quality products and excellent service. Our experienced, ASE-certified technicians have the knowledge and skill to tackle any APU installation, auto repair or maintenance service.

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